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Preparation courses

You have the possibility of signing up for pre-study courses consisting of six or four lectures on chemistry biology and physics in English. Give classes International faculty teachers, having such science degrees, as Ph.D. and MD .They have a long-term experience of teaching these subjects in the Medical Faculties of the abroad Universities.

Hallmark of the pre-study courses, and of the IMS on the whole, is the teaching is based on the interdisciplinary approach in reference to the description and analysis of natural phenomena, the main features of the constitution and general mechanism of the human body. 

We use Educational Unit System in our educational process. Educational unit system was adopted long ago in the foreign Universities, but it still remains new for the teachers and the students of the Russian Medical University. We offer you to start your Education by this system right now, in our pre-study courses. It will help you deepen your knowledge about the courses you will be taught to, but, and it is not less important, it will give you a taste of what awaits the underclasses of our School.  Here prepare the students to intensive learning in English by this variant of the unit system which was well laid out in International Medical School of the Milan University, one the best in Europe. 

The registration of the participants to the pre-study courses and signing of the contract is still going on.

Information by phone: 916-064-17-33 (Olga Vladislavovna Stepanova) or 903-763-13-97 (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Bylova).

We will glad to see you as participants of our preparing school and, further, as students of International Medical School of our university!