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Quality control in IMS

The questionnaire is filled with students of international medical school anonymously.


1.     Was your basic knowledge satisfactory in order to understand the subject?

2.     Does the extent of the gain knowledge respond to the time given to the subject? 

3.     Is the didactical material (presentations, further materials) enough to digest the topics?

4.     Do you have enough information to prepare test, colloquiums and exams?

5.     Are both timetable and time, when the lectures and practical lessons are held, comfortable to you?

6.     Does the teacher pay attention to the discipline?

7.     Does the teacher keep to timetable?

8.     Do you understand the knowledge valuation principles the teachers use to put the marks?

9.     Are useful the further materials (presentations, scientific articles, links to digital resources) to digest the theme?

10.   Do you understand both the goals you have to reach, doing your home works, and the messages left by the teachers in your private cabinets?

11.   Does the teacher clearly and comprehensibly treat the topics?

12.   During lectures, seminars and laboratory class, does the teacher explain the topics in an interesting way?

Variants of answers:


Absolutely yes


Probably yes

 - 0.5

Probably no

 - 1.0

Absolutely no

Results of quality control:

December 2014

June 2015

December 2015 1 course, 2 course

June 2016 - 1 course2 course

February 2017 - 1 course (bachelor degree biology), 2 course