Information on the availability of vacancies for acceptance / transfer

Attestation commission

Attestation commission accepts documents for transfer from 26.06.2019 to 10.07.2019, at the address: Moscow, Ostrovityanova, 1, auditorium number 2076 (entrance to the University building from the Rector’s entrance, through the pass office).

Opening hours:  Monday - Friday, from 10.00 to 16.00 

E-mail: perevod_rsmu@rsmu.ru 
Phone: +7 (495) 434-22-66, ext. 50-45
Address: 1, Ostrovityanova st., Moscow

Regulations of the attestation commission during the summer holidays




Online registration for submission

From June 19 to July 9, 2019  


Acceptance of documents for transfer

From June 26 to July 10, 2019 


Competitive selection in case there are more vacancies submitted for transfer (the list of tested subjects is presented on the University’s website in Regulations on the transfer of students)  

From July 11 to July 16, 2019 


Consideration by the attestation commission of personal files of applicants

From July 15 to July 19, 2019 


Issuance of transfer certificates

From July 22 to July 26, 2019 


Acceptance of students' documents recommended by the attestation commission for admission to the University, conclusion of contracts, tuition fees, preparation of enrollment orders

Not later than August 16, 2019

Documents to the attestation commission are submitted personally by the students or a trustee for a notarized power of attorney. In this latter case, a copy of the passport of the authorized person is required (the original document is presented).

Documents for transfer

On the day of submission of documents for transfer you should have set of documents folded strictly in the following sequence:

1. Transfer Application. Filled in Russian or in a foreign language - in that case, a notarized translation of the application into Russian is required.

2.  A notarized translation into Russian of a passport or other document certifying the identity of a foreign citizen and recognized by the Russian Federation as such, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of the Russian Federation in Russian (the original document is presented).

3. The original reference of the period of study with the seal of the educational organization and its notarized translation in Russian, in which are indicated: 

  • the level of education to which the student enrolled to master the relevant educational program, 
  • the year of entering the educational organization, 
  • the form of training, 
  • the name of the educational program, 
  • the list and volume (in credits/ hours) of the studied disciplines, past practices, completed coursework, scientific research, 
  • marks issued on the basis of intermediate certification ( in the form of test  the student is given a non-differentiated assessment: “Passed”, in the form of an exam or defense of a term paper - a differentiated grade is given: “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory”. If other assessment systems are adopted in the outgoing educational organization, it is necessary to submit a document of conformity to the accepted traditional evaluation system (“scored”, “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory” ), certified by the seal of the educational organization)

4.  Extract from the order of admission to the first year with the stamp of the educational organization and its notarized translation in Russian  indicating:

  • training basics (budget basis / with payment of tuition fees)

5.  Extract from the order of transfer from the contractual basis of training to the budget  and its notarized translation in Russian (if to translate from the contractual foundations of the first training on the budget)

6. Reference (informational letter) from the educational organization about the presence or absence of outstanding program requirements and that the student is not on academic leave and its notarized translation in Russian

7.  Four black and white photos, size 3x4, on matte paper

8.   Notarized copy of the document on previous education in Russian.

Please note that in the absence of an international agreement on the mutual recognition of documents on education between the Russian Federation and the country issuing the document on prior education  http://nic.gov.ru/en, you should have a certificate of recognition of foreign education

9. Copies  acting  documents of the educational organization, confirming the right to conduct educational activities, certified by the educational organization, from which the student is translated, and their notarized translation in Russian.

10. Documents confirming the individual educational achievements of the student (at the discretion of the student, if any).

A positive decision of the attestation commission on enrollment of the student in the order of transfer from another educational organization to the University

 After the attestation commission makes the decision on enrollment in the order of transfer, the student is issued:    

  • a transfer certificate for submission to the initial educational organization, 
  • the protocol of compliance with the results of studies with an indication of the list of academic disciplines, practices, completed coursework and scientific research to be studied by a person in order to eliminate academic arrear after transfer to the University.

To enroll a transfer student in the University, it is necessary to appear at the time specified by the University in order to:

 1. Submission for enrollment:

  • extracts from the order of expulsion in connection with the transfer,  
  • document on previous education (the original of this document and its notarized translation in Russian , as well as a certificate of recognition of foreign education, if the country of the original educational organization is not included in the list of countries that have entered into an agreement with the Russian Federation on mutual recognition of documents about previous education ).

 2. Conclusion of an Educational Service Agreement (in the case of enrollment of a student in the order of transfer to places with payment of tuition fees).

ATTENTION! You can view the list of the international agreement on the mutual recognition of education certificates between the Russian Federation and the country that issued the document on previous education, as well as the procedure for obtaining a certificate of recognition of foreign education, please visit the website of the Main State Expert Center for Educational Evaluation: nic.gov.ru/en

The dormitory is provided to foreign citizens transferred to the University in the direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.